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Suzanne D.

Corey Gardner of CNG Construction (Tel: 408 309 0831) is the only person I will ever allow to work on my home and this has been the case since 2009.

I first met Corey in 2009 when I wanted to remodel my ADA-compliant bathrooms (one walk-in wet shower, the other containing just a toilet and sink). Corey was the original contractor who had converted the bathrooms for the wheelchair-bound previous owner. I wanted them converting back to two full bathrooms each with bath tub/shower, sink and toilet. An overwhelming undertaking for a first time U.S. home-owner navigating all the various codes and regulations and both bathrooms requiring drain re-locations.

Right at the start I was very impressed with Corey's responsiveness to my initial voicemail and his respectfulness.  At the first appointment, he brought the previous plans to the meeting because "they are your plans". This ended up saving me a ton of money when submitting paperwork for city permits both for the bathrooms and the more recently completed kitchen renovation.

Once the project started, he called me immediately if there was a decision to be made or if he just needed to reassure me about a particular course of action that had been taken as well as providing a daily report. He has that intangible skill of being able to effortlessly tailor his client interactions in a way that makes each client know that their concerns and needs for a particular job are being addressed. 

I had no trust issues regarding access of Corey's crew to my place during the day. I had to leave for work before they arrived and got home long after they left. My place was always spotless when I got home so I was never inconvenienced by dirt and dust. Corey was also very careful about access to my place when I wasn't there. I know this because I inadvertently locked myself out and I had to call Corey for the lockbox code in order to get the spare key.  He had changed the code that day because he was worried that a passing stranger might have heard Corey giving the code-number to a crew-member. It was 9 pm when I called him and he was camping but he still called me back within 5 min!

Corey has unparalleled sensibilities. As with the other reviewer, I only had to list my concerns once (don't let the cat out,  provide at least 24 hours' notice of a water shut-off because my water supply is linked to that of 7 other condo units and finally, adequate notice of any changes having financial implications). He immediately took these on board and I never had any concerns regarding these issues again.

His design skills are second to none. He gave me many snippets of advice before I headed out to Home Depot or Lowe's and he provided superlative guidance throughout the myriad of decisions that needed to be made at every turn of the way! His patience with someone who googles everything and asks every question under the sun was amazing. The quality of work is such that my bathrooms still look as good as the day they were finished over 6 years ago. I still get so many compliments from anyone seeing them for the first time.

Most recently, Corey took on my kitchen renovation. Again another major renovation and his input on so many levels made the whole process pain-free. In fact, I trusted him so much, I took off across the Atlantic to go home to the U.K. and left him to carry out the whole project with minimal input from myself. I get so many compliments on the kitchen from anyone that visits, especially those that saw the old one.

As soon as the kitchen was completed, we moved on to redoing the living room fireplace, re-tiling the front entrance way, and painting the living room and hallway. The decision to do these projects was made with very short notice but Corey's project management skills ensured that he could take on the work and complete it in a very short timeframe. Corey's design skills came into play yet again when deciding on the stone for the fireplace surround and he personally made my new mantel shelf .

I feel my place is my own thanks to Corey and all projects are now complete. I have heard so many horror stories about contractors but I have a hard time relating. I just haven't experienced such situations thanks to working with Corey. He truly is one in a million.

Sonia C.

We finished a pretty extensive remodel with Corey on a home we purchased in San Jose. After interviewing three contractors, Corey stood out as the best qualified for our needs, and not just because he was 5 minutes early for every meeting, returned every phone call within a few hours, and returned every e-mail within a day (heaven!).

Corey is very flexible, knowledgeable, easy to work with and he really listened to and understood our concerns and challenges (like the fact that we'd be living in the house during the entire remodel, with a 3-yr old child). His communications skills, hard-work mentality, solid ethics and trustworthiness made the job progress smoothly. Corey also selects and manages his crew very well. Javier was the lead for our project and he was also very easy to work with, great at communicating the progress throughout the project and willing to work on things until they were done right.

The biggest project was the kitchen and to keep some of the costs down, we let Corey know that we had already found our own cabinet manufacturer and counter supplier. He had no problem with us bringing other vendors onto the project and working with their timelines. After the first few days, we figured out how he managed to maintain the tight timeline that we gave him. He is one of the best project managers that we have seen. Both my husband and I work in the IT industry and we can recognize one when we see them. His resource allocation and rotation is precise. The plumbers, framers, electricians, and support staff are so tightly scheduled that there is literally not an hour wasted!

Corey kept things moving along smoothly, and any day that a member of his crew was scheduled, he would drop by. In fact, he even came by on days when other vendors were here, to ensure that the overall project was being done right. He's very detail oriented, and committed to high quality work. He paid attention to our concerns, and made every single thing right. Each day they left our house as clean as when they started working.

Corey also treated us and our ideas with respect. He listened and acted quickly on problems that came up, ensuring me that it was his job to take the worries on himself. When there was a problem, he took responsibility when warranted. He was accommodating when we had a change at the last minute, and willing to do extra work to make it happen.

Even after the project was done, he offered to come back and fix anything we weren't happy with, but that hasn't happened as his work was done perfectly the first time. Several months have gone by since the remodel was complete, and we still get compliments anytime someone comes to our home. He made a house into our home, we are so grateful to have found him, and recommend him wholeheartedly for any construction needs.

Victor V.

Corey and his company are a great team. We hired him to sort out the mess that our previous contractor had created.

We had an unpermitted family room addition that we wanted to rebuild with permits. We started construction in September 2015 with a contractor who was working on the similar project a few blocks away from our house. We signed a contract for a certain price for the job to be done in two months. A month later our living room was demolished, original contract price went up by 50%; after we rejected the 50% increase, our contractor left the site.

It took us two months to find a perfect contractor. After our first contractor left the site, we started looking for someone who would agree to sign a fixed price contract and put the penalty clause if the construction is delayed. After getting quotes from dozens of contractors, we finally found C&G Construction. Corey's price was better than majority of the quotes we got. His quoted time of completion was one of the best. But most importantly, he was the first who agreed to our terms. He started the job in December and finished in 1.5 months for the price that was originally promised.

Things we liked about Corey:

  1. Finished the job faster than was written down in the contract
  2. Never mentioned anything about unforeseen costs
  3. Was on site almost every day
  4. Terrific customer service and follow up. Would respond to all our issues/concerns immediately via email/text message/phone call
  5. Absolutely fairly priced compared to so many quotes we got
  6. He even helped us with HVAC inspection, even though it was out of scope of his work, so we could pass our final inspection on time.

We couldn't be happier. If we ever need a licensed contractor again, we already know where to go, and would absolutely recommend Corey to all our friends/family.

Mira D. San Jose, CA 2/9/2018

I do not write many reviews because I do not think it would make a difference, but I need to write this one, this one is special! We hired Corey and the team to do our major remodeling: remove three walls, which is structural, install all the beam (ceiling) support and crawl space support, upgrade all electrical and plumbing. It was a lot of work needed to be done. Two architecture firms said that the job is too complex and it is not doable. Corey stepped in and accepted the challenge. He said it will be done in two months. Two months later, the job is done. We could not believe it how beautiful our new home is, Corey and the team transformed it from the chopped little rooms into one great room. Our new place look outstanding. The C & G Contraction exceeded our expectations and we would recommend the team to everyone who wants to do a remodel without a headache. Thank you Corey and the team for the job well done! 


1/8/2018 We cannot express how easy it was to work with Corey and the team! We have not finished our remodel but his team work very hard to finish all the cement, electrical and plumbing work. They work even Saturdays to complete the scheduled tasks. Whatever we asked for, they did it. It was a major remodel: removed three walls, put in two Simpson walls and all the support systems for the Simpson walls, extra beams and other support including a lot for cement under the home in the crawl space per Simpson wall requirements. Corey knew how it had to be done and did it. I am not able to post the pictures yet but I will when the kitchen/great room are complete. Great work and I would recommend Corey and his workers to everyone who wants to do remodel without issues and headaches. Thank You Corey and your team! Read less 

T A. Mountain View, CA


Corey Gardner (the G in C & G) is fantastic. He, plus team, remodeled our bathroom and kitchen, and put in a 550sqft addition, including a family room, 2 bedrooms, and 2 more bathrooms. We already had plans and the building permit. Corey did the building and getting all city inspections.

Before hiring Corey, we interviewed many contractors and build firms. We picked Corey because of his knowledge and responsiveness. Corey returned all phone calls, texts, or emails either same day or next day. Corey was also able to explain to us everything that would happen, including timeline. He was straight-forward and always patient even when we bombarded him with tons of questions.

The project was on budget, except for extra work we had added on, and took 4.5 months, which was only 2 weeks past the original timeline mainly due to some rain delay (winter construction) and the extra work added. Even then, it was much quicker than other estimates we got ranging from 6-9 months. This was extremely important since we were living in temporary lodging. I credit that to their crew's work ethic - they were there almost every day, and sometimes worked late or on the weekend - and to Corey's project management skills, making sure we were aware of decisions before it would be costly or time-consuming to change.

The thing we liked best about Corey is that he really cares that we were happy with the results. He took the time to really listen and understand what we wanted. You could tell that he is someone who takes great pride in good craftsmanship and making his clients happy. He was also a good resource and advised us on many decisions related to the building, without being pushy. We are very pleased with our home and have received many compliments from all of our friends.

But the real test is would we recommend him to family and friends? We already have. Would we hire him again? We've done that too. After the original project was completed, we had Corey do some work outside, including French drainage system, new fencing, stamped concrete patio, and a 12' wood deck. We've gotten compliments on that too.


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